Some of my skype contacts asked me to blog in English and i promised to do so … So here we go:

I’ve been looking quite a while for an vi-clone that integrates nicely into KDE. I used to use vim for my day-to-day command line editing and needed an editor that can do the same things embedded into KDE applications.
My first guess was to google for “kvim”, which brought up some interesting threads about kvim. Most of them where like “where the f*** has kvim gone?”

One of the countless KDE mailing list pointed out Yzis to be the successor of kvim. I browsed their website and came across the history section: Yzis was created by the same guys who wrote kvim.
They dropped the project because it became to difficult to integrate kvim properly into KDE and started an own vi-clone.

Yzis is still work in progress and hasn’t had an official release yet, but the current source seems to be very promising. I’m trying to get nyzis (the ncurses interface to yzis) ready for day-to-day use and will then work a little bit on kyzis (the KDE(4) interface of yzis) :-)