Testing Arch Linux

It might not be new to you, but i’m still looking for my favorite linux distribution. Right now a new candidate for the “best linux distribution ever” appeared on my laptop: Archlinux.

The Archlinux people promise to ship

a lightweight and flexible linux distribution that tries to Keep It Simple

And they seem to keep this promise. You can configure the entire system using $favorite_editor and you won’t get any extensive problems because of that (ever tried to configure ubuntu w/o their gui-tools?)

The Arch Linux packages are quite new (even the ones in the stable branch) and the upgrade process is steady, like the one found in gentoo. These are important aspects for someone like me, who always likes to be on the bleeding edge :D

And last but not least: Arch Linux ships with a feature, that i immediately fell in love with: Network profiles that can be chosen at boot time!
Just create different profile files in /etc/network-profiles and Arch will present a dialog at boot time, where you can choose the desired profile.
You want to switch the profile at run time? No problem! Just execute “/etc/rc.d/network restart”!

Arch Linux seems to be a serious candidate for the “my favorite linux distribution” award. It seems to bring the best of gentoo and ubuntu together: A clean and easy to maintain configuration system that just works!

Let’s see what problems occur during the steady update process …