Mounting Samba-Shares on Mac OS X

You can use Finder to mount the samba share. If the share is available via broadcast within the local subnet, you should see the fileserver in the left side of the window under “SHARED”. Click on the Server, choose “Connect as”, insert your username and password and choose the share you want to mount.

If your samba server is not in the same subnet, it will not appear as an item in the “SHARED” section of your finder windows. You therefore need to specify the share location by hand. Use the key combo

Command + K

for that. A window will pop up and ask you for the server location.

You need to specify the protocol and the host like in the picture above. If you are connected, the server will ask you for your login name and you password and will present you a window with the available volumes. Click on one of them and you are done.