ELPY Cheat Sheet

ELPY is a python programming environment. The features are documented here.

The following table summarises the default key bindings for the functions of version 1.11.0:

Key Binding Function
C-down Forward one indentation block
C-up Backward one indentation block
C-left Backward one indentation level
C-right Forward one indentation level
M-down Move line or region down
M-up Move line or region up
M-left Move line or indentation block left
M-right Move line or indentation block right
M-x elpy-set-project-root Set the root directory of the python project
C-c C-f Find file in project
C-c C-s Regular expression match in project
M-TAB Complete current statement
M-. Goto defition
M-* Return to position from last definition lookup
C-c C-z Switch to python shell
C-c C-c Send python code to shell (active region or complete buffer)
C-c RET Send current line to python shell
C-M-x Sends code of current top level function to python shell
C-c C-v Syntax check with flake8
C-c C-n Next flake8 error
C-c C-p Previous flake8 error
C-c C-t Start tests
C-c C-e Edit all occurrences of the symbol at point at once
C-c C-r f Format code using the available formatter
C-c C-r i Query for new imports of unresolved symbols, and remove unreferenced imports
C-c C-r r Run the Elpy refactoring interface for Python code