PEP8 for vim using flake8

In order to auto format your python code according to the guidelines defined by PEP8, you can use some sane default for editing python files and flake8 to check and fix possible errors in your scripts. Default indentation rules for »

Mount SD Cards within VirtualBox on Mac OS X

Sometimes you need to mount your SD cards inside a VirtualBox machine to work with the files on the card. Working with the Raspberry Pi SD card on Mac OS X is an example for this. My Raspberry Pi runs »

Ghost Blogging: Move from SQLite to Postgres or MySQL

After moving to the ghost blogging platform, I started running the system with SQLite as backend. Now I wanted to move from SQLite to Postgres. A Google search brought up articles like this one, which try to migrate the content »

Redirect Parts of a Website to HTTPs with Nginx

Sometimes you have certain parts of a web page that should not be accessed via HTTPs and not with clear-text HTTP. Examples for such parts of the website can be management areas of your site, which require you to be »

Create a TimeMachine Backup Storage on the Raspberry Pi

TimeMachine is the way to backup your data on Mac systems. The backup and restore procedure work nicely out of the box with very little hassle involved. I used to backup my data on a local USB disk for some »

Raspberry Pi: USB 3.0 Disks do not appear as device nodes

The Raspberry is a nice cheap platform that can be used for many different purposes. However, the fact that it is a cheap platform means that all kinds of hardware-related problems can occur. One common problem is related to USB »

Static IPs and DNS Names for Devices in your Home Network

Devices from AVM are very popular in Germany. Several ISPs are happy to sell you a Fitz!Box device to connect your home to their network. The FRITZ!Box is a Linux-based device, that allows for easy configuration through its »