Raspberry Pi

Silent startup failure for MongoDB on Raspberry Pi (and other systems)

Yesterday I tried to install mongodb on my Raspberry Pi. Raspbian Jessie ships with a default mongo 2.4 package, so the installation should be pretty straightforward: apt-get install mongodb However, after the installation finished, the service did not start: »

Mount SD Cards within VirtualBox on Mac OS X

Sometimes you need to mount your SD cards inside a VirtualBox machine to work with the files on the card. Working with the Raspberry Pi SD card on Mac OS X is an example for this. My Raspberry Pi runs »

Create a TimeMachine Backup Storage on the Raspberry Pi

TimeMachine is the way to backup your data on Mac systems. The backup and restore procedure work nicely out of the box with very little hassle involved. I used to backup my data on a local USB disk for some »

Raspberry Pi: USB 3.0 Disks do not appear as device nodes

The Raspberry is a nice cheap platform that can be used for many different purposes. However, the fact that it is a cheap platform means that all kinds of hardware-related problems can occur. One common problem is related to USB »